Friday, December 27, 2013

How To Target AdSense Ads on Blogger

How to target adsenseAdsense is one of the most common income streams for bloggers. The problem with using AdSense on Blogger, is that your ads usually arent very targeted to topics the of articles displaying the ads.

By default, the templates just have AdSense target the entire page of your website for their ads.  This can lead to ads showing up that are completely different from the topic of your posts.
There is an easy solution.  You can install a couple small pieces of code into your blog that tell Google to "Target This Section".  Then most (if not all) of your AdSense ads will be relevant to the topics of your articles.

After adding these little snippets of code, my ads are now very targeted, and I've earned my first click from it.  Here's how I did it.

1.  Go into your blooger account and under the 'Template' page, click on 'Edit HTML'
2.  Click anywhere inside the code and hit ctrl-F.  A search box will then appear.

search your html for code
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3.  Type the following into your search box:
Each time you hit enter, it will skip to the next piece of code matching your search.  Most templates have this bit of code in several spots.
*in my template there were 3 instances of this.  I tagged each one*

4.  Insert the following tags before and after each instance:
<!-- google_ad_section_start -->  
<!-- google_ad_section_end --> 
5. Save your changes.

This tells google to target everything inside <data:post.body> which is your entire article from start to finish.

This way if you have a blog about something general, let's say cars, but you write an article on that blog about bicycles, the AdSense ads on that particular page will be targeted more towards bicycles instead of cars.

Odds are, if a reader finds a post about bicycles in a search result, they're going to be more interested in bicycle ads than car ads.

If you look at the adsense ads on each of my articles, you'll see that the ads on each page are specific to the topic of that article.  Ads targeted more to the topic of the article help tremendously in generating income for your blog.