Monday, January 20, 2014

Monetize Your Blog Using Social Spark

Social Spark - You blog, you profitA great way to add revenue to your blog is by accepting and writing sponsored posts on your blog.  Social Spark is one of the better companies out there for sponsored posting.

I have been using Social Spark on my other blogs for quite some time and it accounts for about 50% of my monthly revenue per site.  You can juggle the battle between reader loyalty and earning revenue by keeping your sponsored posts to a minimum.  About 2 sponsored posts a month is enough to help with revenue without losing your faithful readers.

Social spark has a minimum monthly pageview of at least 1000 visits.  This blog is too new and doesn't receive enough traffic, but as it grows I will be implementing sponsored posts on here as well. 

How It Works:

Social Spark offers you leads from companies wishing to sponsor posts, which you can accept or decline.  Once you accept a lead, the company will then review your blog and decide if they want you to advertise for them.  If they accept your blog for a sponsored post, you have the opportunity to accept the amount they offer or negotiate a price that better suits your needs.   Blogs with higher traffic can usually negotiate higher prices.  I've seen lead offers be as low as $5 and as high as $200+ for a single post.
Each lead will have requirements for your post.  They usually require a certain word count, a dofollow link to their website, an image, and a positive review of their product.
To add a little extra help in the revenue department, they also offer referral commissions at the starting rate of 5% of everything your referral makes from Social Spark.  This commission stays active for the duration of your referral's account.  Once you refer at least 5 people, your commission jumps to 7.5% and gradually increases to 15% after 50 referrals.  5-15% may not sound like much until you consider the fact that I make an average of $50 commissions from my referrals each month and I don't have to do anything now to earn it.  I could shut down all of my blogs and never get online again for the rest of my life, and still be earning monthly commissions from my referrals.  See how I get my Social Spark referrals HERE
Payments are made via Paypal and you can cash out when you have $50 or more without penalty.  Anyone wanting to cash out an amount under $50 is subject to a $2 fee.

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